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We at Dynamik strive to improve your business by automating processes with AI, enabling your personnel to focus on what they enjoy the most.


We will not turn around your way of working completely, but aim to make a concentrated approach in applying narrow AI solutions for quick results and fast project paybacks.

Don't know how you could benefit from AI? We are here to learn about your business, define the key success indicators and pinpoint processes where AI applications will help you save time, money and the pain of dealing with boring routines.

We build algorithms to support your goals by creating one solution at a time and tailor-make an approach in line with your strategy. Our cost-efficient projects are agile, and we have a selected group of algorithms ready for quick implementation.

AI Modules

Package trolley

Packing planner and volume optimisation

Truck route

Route optimisation

Cogs turning

Personnel & resource optimisation

Workers at conveyor belt

Composition and material planning

Chart with datapoints

Time series analysis, market analysis & trend detection

Artificial brain

Image recognition

Microphone receiving noise

Speech recognition


Dynamik Gateway is a universal platform, which can be used to implement any data transfer needs between two systems.It can connect to numerous sources and read data in all data formats, with pluggable extensions. Data fields and values can be transformed into schema, which is understood by the destination system. Finally the data is converted into a format that the destination system accepts.

Possible data sources and destinations

  • Rest API
  • Email
  • FTP server
  • Google Cloud

Possible data formats

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Any structured data


Dynamik Portal is a solution for destination systems that cannot receive the data via API. It is a web app where the user logs in to interact with the arrived data. Gateway has APIs to send attachments to Portal entries as well as to manage the state of the entry.

Gateway icon

Transfer API

If the source system is capable of integrating into REST-APIs, then the data entry can be pushed directly into our Transfer API. A source connector, which is used to pull the data, is not needed when the Transfer API is used.

Data Consulting

  • Data governance consulting for new and existing businesses
  • DevOps engineering for improved collaboration and communication

AI Strategy Consulting

  • We walk you through the possibilities surrounding your field of business and help you make the most out of your data, for taking that crucial one step ahead.
  • We evaluate the plausibility of implementing AI into your processes, and integrate AI planning into your strategy work.
  • Read more about our popular and affordable AI Strategy Workshops.

API and UI Solutions

  • Building well defined API's for improved information flow
  • Handcrafting beautiful UI's for efficient data visualisation
  • Providing API end points with data for external UI projects
User interface

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