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Artificial intelligence allocates jobs optimally

Dynamik Allocator saves money and reduces kilometers driven

Artificial intelligence makes everyday life easier at Ekovilla and performs time-consuming manual work on behalf of people. An AI-based scheduling application that optimizes the installation and transport of Ekovilla insulation in order to make the use of time more efficient and decrease mileage has been found to be particularly useful.

Timo Kyllonen

With the help of artificial intelligence, we are freeing up time spent by transport managers. The time saved is used to improve the quality of customer service and the customer experience, and allows us to streamline the entire installation process. The time of installers is also saved in the form of reduced distances driven”,

says Timo Kyllönen, Installation Director at Ekovilla.

Ekovilla is a pioneer in carbon-negative insulation and has been operating in the construction industry for more than 40 years. Ekovilla is part of EcoUp Oyj's circular economy group, which offers its customers and partners solutions based on carbon neutrality, reuse of material, and energy efficiency.


Ekovilla insulation made from recycled materials is designed and manufactured for conditions where the weather varies from winter cold to summer heat. It insulates in an energy-efficient manner and has received an M1 emissions rating. The long history of Ekovilla has demonstrated that the insulation is safe, breathable and very durable. The customer receives Ekovilla insulation conveniently installed. The organizing of installation work and related transports in a sensible and ecological manner has required its own development efforts.

Dynamik Allocator plans jobs into a schedule


Timo Kyllönen is responsible for the operations related to the installation of Ekovilla's products. He considers it particularly important that Dynamik Allocator is able to organize installation and transport work systematically and optimally. Allocator directs and places installation jobs into a calendar in a way that makes it easy to clearly visualize installation orders. For example, it is easy to see how far forward installations have been booked, how they have been scheduled and whether there is still room for smaller installation jobs somewhere.

Artificial intelligence does not leave gaps in planning; it takes into account the time available for work, the number of employees needed, the vehicles in use and the driving routes. When the installation work is ordered, the transport managers do not have to think about who will take care of the work, when it makes sense to do it, which vehicle to use and which route to take to the job site, Kyllönen says.

One of the biggest benefits of AI is that transport managers can use their time to improve the quality of customer service and the customer experience. The amount of manual work has decreased, as it can be done with artificial intelligence. Up to half of a transport managers working time used to be spent on allocating installations.

Dynamik Allocator is an easy-to-use cloud service that can be used on different devices independent of time and place. It has ready-made interfaces, so that it can be smoothly integrated into Ekovillas own systems. The allocator can also be used through its own user interface if necessary.

Responsible and greener actions through artificial intelligence

The key values of Ekovilla include sustainability and environmental friendliness. "It is important to us that our products and services take these values into account at every stage. This was one of the key reasons why we chose Dynamik as our partner, in addition to its technical expertise.

With the help of Dynamik Allocator, which they developed, we can produce our products and services in a carbon-neutral manner and, of course, optimize fuel costs”,

says Kyllönen.


We have found that transports organized with Dynamik Allocator can reduce the number of kilometers driven by 9-27%. This immediately reduces the amount of fuel used, as well as the wear and tear of the equipment and roads. It is often thought that planning environmentally friendly transports is automatically more expensive, even though significant savings can be achieved through careful planning.

All in all, Kyllönen is pleased that they have started using the artificial intelligence solution for the work of installing Ekovilla insulation. From the very beginning, the solution proposed by Dynamik seemed like a very sensible and smooth package. The commissioning of the system, user training with the main user model, and the easy-to-use application have been really smooth. "Dynamik's expert coders are also very skilled and professional, so their work can be trusted," Kyllönen says.

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