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Dynamik Allocator

Dynamik Allocator efficiently optimizes the work to be done. Artificial intelligence saves money and reduces driving distances.

Companies that have implemented Dynamik Allocator have reduced the number of kilometers driven by 9 to 27 percent!

A common challenge for companies is the scheduling and planning of work orders in an optimal way. An unreasonable amount of time may be spent on organizing drives, planning routes and reserving the necessary equipment and employees.

At Dynamik, we have taken up this challenge and developed an artificial intelligence- based service product. It is a cloud service, and it makes it easier to understand and see the company's orders and know how far ahead work has been booked and how it has been scheduled. Dynamik Allocator systematically and optimally assigns tasks to a timeline to maximize capacity used and to minimize driving distances.

Jakko Haukipuro

Dynamik Allocator is unique because of artificial intelligence, which is used to allocate resources and work. Dynamik Allocator can optimally allocate tasks from the job queue to the calendar. It optimizes driving routes and capacity by filling a partially allocated day or by placing a single task at the appropriate moment."

Jaakko Haukipuro, Senior Full-Stack Developer, Dynamik Oy

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This is Dynamik Allocator:

  • Is an artificial intelligence-based solution
  • Optimizes capacity
  • Minimizes travel distances
  • Visualizes tasks in a map view
  • Creates a task list for the work team
  • Scalable cloud service for different devices
  • Works seamlessly with other systems
  • Available through a user interface or via APIs
  • Smooth and fast deployment

The panorama view in Dynamik Allocator shows the entire order backlog for a selected period.

The panorama view shows how much work can be done for different cost centers and how much reserved capacity is already being used.

Allocator Mockup
Allocator magic

In Dynamik Allocator, you activate a smart task list, which shows the optimal way to operate.

The task list can be optimized according to both the route to be driven and the capacity required to complete the task

Dynamik Allocator also shows targeted tasks in the map view, making it easy to understand the day's driving routes.

Each employee can open the task list and the map view from the device they are using.

Allocator maps

Timo Kyllönen

With the help of artificial intelligence, we free up our employees' time for other, more productive work, reduce the kilometers driven and thus make the entire business more efficient."

Timo Kyllönen, Installation Director of Ekovilla

Four good reasons to choose Allocator:

Carbon footprint

Your company's carbon footprint is reduced as artificial intelligence optimizes driving routes and vehicle usage. Driving distances are reduced by 9 to 27 percent with Dynamik Allocator


The more efficient use of time and the reduction in driving distances means direct savings for both your company and your customer.


Artificial intelligence allocates and optimizes work into a seamlessly functioning task list that takes into account all the necessary resources


When a machine learning algorithm or artificial intelligence performs manual tasks on behalf of humans, employees' time is freed up for other productive work

Dynamik Oy

Our passion is to improve the profitability of companies by enhancing and automating processes that a machine learning algorithm or artificial intelligence can perform on behalf of a human. We can customize algorithms to match the customer's needs, and we have a set of ready-made artificial intelligence modules for quick implementation.



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CEO, Founder
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