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Dynamik: Industry Improver

Crafting modern automated solutions powered by artificial intelligence is our passion. We have a long-standing record of helping Finnish industrial companies make the impossible possible.

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AI automates your work with

Dynamik Allocator

AI schedules weekly tasks in the most efficient way possible. It takes into account the availability of employees and vehicles as well as work locations and start times.

Dynamik Allocator chooses the best route for each vehicle, which reduces the time drivers spend on the road. The planned routes can be observed from the Map view in our graphical UI.

Work efficiency increases when Dynamik Allocator is taken into use. Our clients have decreased driving distances by 9 - 27 %.

Dynamik Allocator creates daily task lists for every team. Employees can see information about their upcoming tasks from their own mobile devices.

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AI automates your work with

Packing Motor

Packing optimisation enables factories to pack their products in the most efficient way possible. This means that both the amount of packaging material used and the number of containers sent is minimised. Transportation costs go down as a result.


Dynamik team

Our company

Our team is composed of hardened veterans of the industry with most of us possessing over 15 years of experience in software development and artificial intelligence projects.

Whether you need a sparring partner for applying artificial intelligence to its utmost potential or you have an idea of your own that you simply need help with making a reality, we’re the right match for you!

We are a hybrid company able to perform both algorithm design and strategy planning in-house, which typically reduces the cost and time of project execution for our clients.

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Tuomas Mikkonen

CEO, Founder
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Dynamik Oy

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