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Dynamik opened our eyes to the potential of AI

Resourcing can be optimized considering intensive sales peaks


One of Dynamik's clients, a medium-sized gastronomy company in the hospitality industry focuses on providing services at a transportation terminal. The service tailored by Dynamik for the company's needs serves as an invaluable tool, enabling the company to predict its revenue and resourcing needs.

The AI-based service solution utilizes the terminal's departure and arrival schedules to calculate the average number of people who typically make use of the restaurant's services at different times. The machine learning empowered AI educates itself each month by comparing its forecasts with actual sales.

Restaurant workers

This information allows the company to plan its work shifts and make more accurate raw material purchases. In addition to helping with practical matters, the service solution developed by Dynamik is used for revenue forecasting and for optimizing resourcing. The service also provides tools for reporting.

If we were to do all of this manually, we would simply run out of time. It would be impossible to find the formula for making it work. Thanks to artificial intelligence, everything is much more systematic.”

Since passengers come and go according to tight schedules, the peak times for restaurants in the terminal fall within a limited, intense timeframe. Customers require efficient service during that period. Therefore, the company needs to maximize its workforce during these peaks while requiring less staff at other times.

Barista brewing coffee

Customers arrive all at once about sixty to ninety minutes before departure. By six in the morning, the croissants should be baked and the coffee brewed. People are in a hurry, and the early wake-up calls and travel excitement may cause stress. The service must run as smoothly as possible, while taking into account the needs of all customers.”

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After a year of use, the service has proven itself to be very effective. The information provided by the service has been widely utilized on various levels from managers to practical implementation. According to the company, there is an ongoing collaboration to further develop the service to be more versatile and comprehensive. One possibility is that artificial intelligence could be used to autonomously plan work shifts in the future.

Collaborating with Dynamik has been extremely easy and professional. Things run smoothly and the communication has remained excellent. Right now, we are considering together how we can further improve the service.”

Thanks to Dynamik, the company's eyes have truly opened to the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Because the customer base is diverse, the company dreams that the program could more accurately profile passengers in the future. This way, it would be easier to offer services tailored to the specific needs of both business and leisure travelers.

Bowl of salad

Those going on vacation are generally in a good mood, already seeking the holiday atmosphere at the terminal. On the other hand, business travelers want to sit and use their waiting time for work. We have domestic and international customers, all with slightly different needs, and we aim to better capture those needs with the help of Dynamik in the future.”



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