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Dynamik Gateway

Dynamik Gateway is a universal platform, which can be used to implement any data transfer needs between two systems.It can connect to numerous sources and read data in all data formats, with pluggable extensions. Data fields and values can be transformed into schema, which is understood by the destination system. Finally the data is converted into a format that the destination system accepts.

Possible data sources and destinations

  • Rest API
  • Email
  • FTP server
  • Google Cloud

Possible data formats

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Any structured data


Dynamik Portal is a solution for destination systems that cannot receive the data via API. It is a web app where the user logs in to interact with the arrived data. Gateway has APIs to send attachments to Portal entries as well as to manage the state of the entry.

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Transfer API

If the source system is capable of integrating into REST-APIs, then the data entry can be pushed directly into our Transfer API. A source connector, which is used to pull the data, is not needed when the Transfer API is used.



Tuomas Mikkonen

CEO, Founder
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Dynamik Oy

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