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AI Strategy Workshop

Easy Gateway for Implementing Artificial Intelligence to Core Processes

Artistic view of AI

Interested in AI? Don’t know how, or where to start? Looking for fresh ideas and cost-efficient solutions? Should your organisation be more aware of the benefits and possibilities of implementing AI?

We at Dynamik are here to help. With our extensive experience of consulting and algorithm design we will coach you through the basic elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will evaluate your processes, educate your management and gently guide your organisation in discovering key success factors surrounding AI in your field.

The method?

Two preparatory online interviews and one full workshop day.

The promise?

At least two applicable AI-projects mapped for POC development as a workshop result.

The price?

Affordable. Our workshop prices start at 3490 euros.

The risk?

None. In case you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you.

Contents of workshop:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Current state of AI projects in your market area
  • DeepDive - Scientific side of AI and Machine learning unraveled
  • Tailor made competitor analysis on the field of AI
  • Three group work sessions & conclusions
  • Video training material

Reach out to tuomas.mikkonen(at) or hannele.koivu(at) for inquiries or

Some of our happy workshop-clients:

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