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We gather the very best seasoned professionals to work together. We are united by our desire to discover and create something new. Our belief is that a person is truly happy and at their best when constantly learning new things.

Ylläs, Finland As we work at the spearhead of the industry and in demanding projects, our equipment, tools and processes reflect this. The software and tools we use in our daily work are carefully chosen for the problem at hand, and we evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. Learning new technologies is in our DNA.

We avoid bureaucracy and love a straightforward “getting it done” mentality. You can work from anywhere in the world, as the company is built remote-first. We have offices available at Espoo, Oulu and Como (Italy) and one currently being built to Finnish Lapland (Ylläs).

We welcome you to work in unconventional settings and with tailored work schedules, which means you don’t necessarily have to work with us full-time. We believe having space for varying life conditions brings out the best in people.

Como, Italy

We offer:

  • Tools, work equipment and schedules of your choice
  • Comprehensive solutions for insurance and healthcare
  • OURA-rings for our full-time employees
  • Work resort -packages in our valued scenic locations
  • Employer-supported sports / self-development during the workweek in collaboration with Erimover
  • Healthy snacks at the office in collaboration with Puhdistamo

If you’re interested in working with us, check out the Careers page.

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